"The Inception"


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[ Merchants of Air ]

" Hailing from Jaén, Spain, this trio comes with an excellent blend of stoner rock and doom, a delightful must-have for the fuzz-freaks out there. Firm drums accompany vintage stoner doom riffs, while here and there an immersive post-rock passage appears. That's all good and fine and nice and stuff but what I really like on this album are the vocals. They remind me a lot more of acts like Jesus and the Mary Chain or Slowdive. You know, the shoegaze way. Sometimes, there are some Conan or Yob chants, which also fit quite well. The combination of those epic riffs and these distant vocals make this ep a stand-out for me. I hope these dudes will tour Europe soon. Recommended? Definitely! "


released February 26, 2017

All songs written and produced by ODDHUMS.
Recorded at Black Bunker Records by Kike Gutiérrez.
Photography by Antonio de la Rubia.
Cover Art by Procesonegro Art Studio.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Dimgaze
There’s a saying
The devil is strong when we are looking the other way
As a virus running in the background
Infecting this safety place
Is the meaning of time what you’re looking for
Shame eyes
Everlasting anger, honey
Froze my veins
Dark feelings grow inside
Keep it on a we will burn ‘till the end of times
They don’t sleep,
Don’t rest.
Always near, breathing around your neck.
Always on,
Always dark,
Always stand.
They don’t drive us, demons do.
As a shadow staring in the backyard
Fixing his eyes on mine, singing the raven song
As a daybreak shining in the sunset
Breaking the sky in parts
Fucking the pain away
Shame eyes
Everlasting anger, honey,
Froze my veins
Dark feelings grow inside
Keep it on and we will burn ‘till the end of times
Track Name: Big Brave
Wander in the hard rain
Clouds are not the same here
Only hear the deep buzz
Bounces in the dry heart

Drifting in a death sea
Floating like a log
Sorrow is in the same plain
Blood is in the wrong place

Play… Enter into this game
Pray… Take me out of this trail

Faster than a greyhound
Hidden by the dry oaks
Where the silhouettes meet
You’re the King of pain, say…

Babe… This is an honest mistake
Faster than a greyhound,
Drifting in a death sea.

Brave… We can only be brave
Play… Enter into this game

Are you driving me safe into this faith?
Track Name: Wounds
We can never sear
Shaped like a tear

Pull it out
Keep it on the trail
Turn it up
High as you can

To say another tale
Pounding like a pray

Raise it now
Raise above the sky
Turn it up
And say goodbye from… Hell

Here it comes again, say it will be great.
Track Name: Under Siege
Melt down yourself,
Spit in all flags,
Keep the mouth wide open and swallow it
Set me on fire
Turn down this siege.
Tame the deep sky rocking,
Chase the parade through the fire.

Take a long breath,
And keep inside
Grab the promising future as they want to
Pangs of pain crushes your guts
The revenants at the bonfires staring at you
Staring at me

Tame this rage
Bend this faith
Get the real stuff and fuck it up
Focus on what they love and destroy it all.

Tame this rage
Bend this faith
Break down yourself
Set my on

Spits in all flags
And keep the mouth wide open.

Tame this rage
Bend this faith
Get the real stuff and fuck it up
Focus on what they love and destroy it all.

Take a long breath and keep it inside