"Let The Long Night Fade"


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Recorded by Joe Garcia at ‘Joe’s Garage’, Bristol (UK), September - December 2016.
Mastered by Will Turner-Duffin
Will Turner-Duffin - Guitar
Eliza Gregory - Vocals/Lyrics
Dan Arrowsmith - Drums
Chris Wilson - Bass

CD version by Third I Rex & The Braves Records


released September 24, 2017

“‘Let the Long Night Fade’ sounds like extreme weather conditions…”

…was the first description of the record by a friend of Row of Ashes, and no comparison could be more on-point. This debut collection of songs share a tense atmosphere which all vary dramatically in dynamics. Owing as much to a Phil Spectre-style wall of undulating, apocalyptic-noise channelled through stack amps, as to the emotional honesty of T.S. Eliot’s Wasteland, it could be the sonic equivalent of helplessly watching a storm develop, destroy everything around you, and finally, assessing the devastation once it has passed.

It would be usual to expect a singular modus operandi from a band who are predominantly seasoned in the heavier and less-mainstream end of the musical spectrum, drawing from and playing in Death Metal, Grind, Sludge and Hardcore outfits for the majority of their careers (a rough roll call of projects you can see next to each member’s name). Yet there’s more to RoA album than the traditions attributed to these genres, as there are influences called upon way outside of their musical origins making for a highly creative milieu, and the results near-defy categorisation.

That’s not to say ‘LTLNF’ is a complete departure. As the debt to the dark and heavy side of music is palpable in the eye of the proverbial storm: in the death growls and furious droning riffs that pinpoint crescendos. But its presence in the atmospherics and more delicate, imperfect, where-do- we-go- from-here chanteuse vocals, strings, keyboards and piano parts which wouldn’t be out of place in a dank Berlin jazz club or an update on a Da-Da Art-house soundtrack, is faithfully retained and almost beautiful in its bleak outlook.

These pieces run together seamlessly, and the stories told in the lyrics are influenced by the characters and landscapes of a 21st Century UK in existential crisis, the dilapidated sea-side towns, desolate countryside expanses, and rioting cities. This is a bold and brave record, for bold and brave music lovers who like their artists to lead the way down new, unexpected paths.


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Third I Rex Watford, UK

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Track Name: Let The Long Night Fade
Let the Long Night Fade

November November I am your unworthy opponent
I hear the bell toll as you draw the curtains
nothing shapes me more than your days of mourning

The gateways the grey-ways inside’s all fervour
no point is sharper there’s no greater murder
you took the keys now I’m going nowhere

Wasn’t it the greatest when we lit up and sparked
you draw on and do such harm
it’s not just you but those fang teeth

I wake at three bitten with grief
I wake at four
I wake it five
‘til I wake no more staying hard boiled

What cruelty comes what corners are these
brittle wood branch snaps fighting to stay here

No sweetened air all the birds gone
your dead land’s a burden you’re wasting me inside

November I feel your hands holding me there
a face in the dark a court of shadows
they talk to me and keep on talking

November you have me I was ready to go
it’s you or me
Track Name: The Hunt And The Herd
The Hunt And The Herd

No walls deconstructed hear it coming from
the side of the road oh in the quiet a full-on rattle
It’s the black dust it’s the grey doves

black ring
elm tree

First it’s grey
low hanging fruit
needling through
lost in the snow
the hunt and the herd

Make no sound
sing like a bird released on fire

Silver and gold

I don’t believe the tame hand that feeds the hind behind bars all electric wires

don’t make a sound
light up light up
here’s the key
Silver and gold
Track Name: Gravesend

Cloaks of wings flying in reflecting the screen’s luminosity
air cuts the glass withering a scream like an open grave
laughing as you cross off the days they’re there searching for threads
sew together all the slivers flying the flag on an iron moon
cough up stone the heart a coal no trail left the search is bled
tearing up trees with my bare hands and run fields ten at a time
ghosting the morning roads home steps whisper on stairs
life once known is now a forgotten boat of sunk prayers

lay down lay down forget forget

black fields black roads
the pylons verges
the undergrowth

Your mouth a black hole
where do you go

why’s it so
so long so long

estuary’s path
shipyard’s bridge

the platform break
the waters edge

Your mouth a black hole
Track Name: Descending

Understand this a saving grace
from streets & obelisks
great dead weights cut away don’t push your luck just (be grateful) keep on breathing

Grown of feathers and fur don’t know whether fish or bird
oblivious to the words
staring at the tracks cold barked at our backs don’t look round just keep on running

At every storm and every turn the step a life preserve
your days won’t lift don’t hear your steps upon the earth

Dragged over fens to the fields for 800 days
at every storm and every turn a step a life preserve

Your days won’t lift don’t fail the fault
the iron steps ahead the sun just sets you can’t prepare
the earth’s caul’s no curse your iron steps ahead

now what
now what
your days won’t lift
Track Name: 2.5907786999999987 55.6852689
12.5907786999999987 55.6852689

Oh the skies they rain outside wrapped in true
truths crooked days hang on each wall the world
keeps on turning whether you like it or not winter
held us in a blanket til now: no shoots no promises
just roots into dead land it pulls their fingers it pulls
them in there’s a veil a veil covers everything
Oh the skies they blaze outside wrapped in true
truths crooked days hang on each wall framing
things past which have all been lost winter
it held us in a blanket til now: no shoots no promises
just roots into dead land it pulls their fingers in a veil
a veil covers everything forget your dreams ‘cos
there’s no point the cruel sun burns the buds
before they flower forget your dreams ‘cos
there’s no point forget your dreams
they only disappoint
Track Name: Mass Strandings
Mass Strandings

Your seas generate
seas degenerate
the seas regenerate
in me

To the mouth
to the head
headland water
surge of power

Pull to the edge
all your horses
rushing inland

Fear of nature
(there’s no reason
we return to

As the

Seas generate
Seas degenerate
we commemorate the seas
Track Name: Dual Wounds
Dual Wounds: Limb Fitter

It’s not the torrents it seems not the bite in the flea
not the blood which is drawn it’s the mark made before
it’s not the cloak it’s the hood
not the veil yet the flood
it flies over we see is it you or is it me
it’s like in the wake of the tide the drown of the bride
her fingers lacing the top of the pool
not the wind dragging the dregs but fear of beneath the surface
it’s the leap in the faith the lesson in loss
the staff divines the truth last spoke echoes across -
the unhealed wound in the good leg that breaks
Not the arrowhead dark but the unlikely spark
the cut of the ride and why the country divided
for the gift and the give the way it was driven
not the hammer but the blow how could we have known
being downturned yet all was forgiven
in everything from before I would never have thought
it’s not that you don’t as you do
it’s all been true I meant each single word
I hang on to every syllable and say to myself
they were made of me as the day is long even with the fault in the line
my shaking hands and open-earth surgery the beating they break
me and bait me with all aches and worth
human mistakes I am made of only they are not my bones-true
blue skies clouded eyes good god there’s nothing else please just know
I am and still do I am and still do
Track Name: False Teeth
False Teeth

The shadows in his head
visit every single day
they reflect off the water
and back onto the page

Dirty nails are split
a blanket in his lap
writing a manifesto
that might not see the light

His moustache sends out smoke rings
a portal to the past
dwelling on his workings out
as he drowns in his own thoughts

N o s k y n o t h i n g a n d N o s p r i n g

See him from the sands
his stare given to the sea
the weather in his eyes
could start a fire in me

He waits for her all day
hunched by train and wind
oh she’ll never come - her rooms
hold her fast and quick

N o s k y n o t h i n g N o s p r i n g n o t h i n g N o c o n n e c t i o n w i t h a n y t h i n g

Her temperature always high
a tremor in her voice
pulling lank curls compulsively
regret flanking every choice

always at the window
eyes to the road
lilacs dying slowly
just like the shoots of any hope

N o s k y n o t h i n g N o s p r i n g n o t h i n g N o c o n n e c t i o n w i t h a n y t h i n g

And the sailor and the wheel and the hangman
and the fear and the tower’s lightening volt
and the crowds and the gulls and the quiet
and the lull and the desolation seat
everybody passes but where no-one
ever comes so for him I sit and wait
w ith him I sit and wait

W a t c h t h e s u n c l i m b W a t c h t h e c l o u d f a l l W a t c h t h e s a l t p r e s e r v e